Ring in the Lunar New Year with Sunlee Buddha Jasmine Rice!

Ring in the Lunar New Year with Sunlee Buddha Jasmine Rice! 🧧
Prepare a vibrant and prosperous Red Sticky Rice (Xôi Gấc) , the perfect dish to symbolize luck for the year ahead. Our premium Sunlee Jasmine Rice ensures your festive meal is not only aromatic but also embodies the spirit of renewal.
Simple Red Sticky Rice Recipe:
– Soak 1 kg of Sunlee Buddha Jasmine Rice and 200 g of peeled split mung beans separately for 6-8 hours.
– Blend the pulp of Gấc fruit with 20 ml of white wine to enrich the color.
– Combine the drained rice with the Gấc mixture, season with salt and cooking oil, and steam for 40 minutes until the grains are tender and beautifully tinged with red.
– Mix in 100 g of sugar and an extra 5 ml of wine to the cooked rice, steam for another 5 minutes.
– Boil the mung beans until tender, then stir in 20 g of sugar to create a sweet paste.
– Grease a mold, add a layer of the fragrant sticky rice, followed by a layer of sweet mung bean paste, and finish with another layer of rice.
– Firmly press the layers, turn the mold onto a plate, and gently remove to unveil your perfect Xôi Gấc.
🌎Eco-Friendly Initiative: Remember, when you’ve finished enjoying our Sunlee rice, send us the empty bag for a special gift. Let’s celebrate this New Year sustainably.