Our Fleet of Trucks are able to service the entire West Coast from Seattle all the way to San Diego. Our company has through the years of experience in the industry has been able to create a network of partners that can service the needs of our customer throughout the USA.

Our Corporate Headquarters is in Santa Fe Springs, CA, which is less than 20 mins from the Los Angeles Port. It is nestled at the border of Los Angeles County and Orange County which offers us great access to both areas. Our Hayward Branch is within 20 mins from Oakland Port. This warehouse is centrally located in the heart of Northern California, we are right in the middle of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Our Tacoma Branch is coming in 2021. This warehouse is centrally located between Seattle and Portland, which is less than 20 mins from Tacoma Port.

Our company utilizes the Oracle Netsuite Software for our real – time order processing for accurate and up to date inventory. This system gives our customers the accuracy and speed they need to receive our products when they need it.

We specialize in food products from Asia. We have a wide range of quality products that we have invested 40+ years into bringing to our customers. We are proud to have a robust variety of products that include Rice, Noodles, Canned Vegetables, Tropical Fruits, Drinks, Coconut Milk, Curry Paste, Pickled Products, Oils, Sauces Etc.

New Products

Our procurement team is very active and diligent. We are always looking for new quality products. We average around 50+ new sku’s per year and accommodate our customer’s needs.